Material and structural test

Test construction materials and structurers
Inspecition constructions
Monitoring Geotechnical , structural and Enviromen

Phone number: 0979122094


Repair and strength structures

Repair and strenthning structures by New materials and Techologies.
+ Repair concrete cracks
+ Strengthning structures by FRP materilas adn external prestressed
+ Concrete Anchorages
+ Repair steel structures by FRP and external prestressed
+ Repair and strengthning structures after fired
+ New complex structures

Phone number: 0905040905


Provide technology equipment

Provide Sensors, dataloggers and othe Technologies equipment in
+ Materials test
+ Geotechnical and structural monitoring
+ FRP materials
+ Bridge bearing, Bridge expansions,...
+ Presstressed materials
+ Specialy epoxies 
+ High performance concretes (HPC, UHPC)

Phone number: 0898191434

Email:  trungphu92@gmail.comcom

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