Material test and strucjtural monitoring


1/ Materials testing, field testing:
- Construction soil testing
- Testing aggregates, cement, cement concrete
- Testing asphalt, asphalt concrete
- Water testing in construction and environment
- Metal material testing
- Experiment on compostite and rubber materials
- Testing bricks, tiles, ...
- Compression test of 3-sided sewer pipe
- Testing to determine the load capacity of reinforced concrete and BT DUL components: piles, centrifugal electric poles, DUL sheet piles,...
- Field tests: SPT, CPtu, Wing shear, pore water pressure measurement, settlement, horizontal displacement in depth, force in ground anchor
- NDT non-destructive tests: shooting, ultrasonic, corrosion measurement, Rada, NDT metal welding, Detecting density of steel in reinforced concrete,...
- Experiment to measure ground vibration caused by construction activities
- Experiment to measure ground vibration, noise level due to construction and industrial activities
- Testing water, air and waste environmental criteria
- Bridge Test
- Static loading test and dynamic loading test of building structure
- Evaluation of the load carrying capacity of reinforced concrete structures by static test
- Testing the bearing capacity of tall towers
- Geotechnical monitoring of embankment embankment on soft soil
- Monitoring deep excavation pits
- Subsidence monitoring, construction research
- Monitoring high-rise buildings
- Monitoring bridge works
- Monitoring hydroelectric dams and reservoirs
- Monitoring underground works
- Corrosion monitoring of building structures
- Other special monitoring requirements

BKG has strengths in testing and monitoring equipment, and is a distribution agent for testing and monitoring equipment from many brands around the world, can design, provide, install, and provide services. Load testing and monitoring of all types of works for customers at the most reasonable cost.

BKG has cooperated/joint venture with the Center for Science and Technology Investment Consulting - Da Nang University of Science and Technology to provide equipment for the following monitoring systems:

1. Health monitoring system of Thuan Phuoc suspension bridge, Dragon bridge, Tran Thi Ly bridge, Da Nang city.

2. Alin B1 Hue hydroelectricity monitoring system.
BKG is providing and installing equipment for monitoring projects:
- Song Than Reservoir Dam - Ninh Thuan
- Nuoc Bieu Hydroelectric Dam - Quang Nam
- Nam Cum Hydropower Dam - Lao Cai

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